POLYCAB Wires & Cables








Dealer for following products from:

POLYCAB Wires and Cables:

• Electrical Wires (HOUSE)
• Flexible Industrial Cables
• Co-axial Cables
• LAN Cables
• CAT-5 LAN Cables
• LT Control Cables
• Instrument cables
• Aluminium Armoured Cables,Copper Armoured Cables in LT Cables upto 1.1kv
• HT Cables upto 33kv
• Telecom Cables (Coventional, Fiber Optic, Dry/jelly filled)
• Special Application Cables [Flame Retardant Low Smoke FLRS, 3 hour Fire Survival Cables (FS)


Why eNarayan?

  • More than 30,000 products,230+brands,50,000sft Warehouse. Array of products and services under one roof.
  • Actively associated with the electrical engineering industry for over 2 decades.
  • Highly trained professionals with an experience of a decade and  more.
  • Leaders in Cables, Wires, Pipes, Switchgear, Metering, Motors, Lighting in Telangana and A.P.
  • Ready  stock with immediate delivery option and attractive discounts offering great savings.
  • We also entertain export enquiries as we are an export house.
  • Yearly Rate Contracts (RC) are accepted.